Introducing The Nieuwe Zorgen

I haven’t seen my brother in a while and he is Shannon bound this week. So to let him know we are thinking of him I am reblogging my previous post about his boat.

Aiveen Cooper

One of my modes of transport on this Shannon Journey was a 100-year-old Dutch Sailing Barge called Nieuwe Zorgen. This type of barge is known as a Skutsje Tjalk, and this particular one is my brother Eric’s home.

A Tjalk is one of a variety of Dutch commercial barges, each type built for a specific purpose. The Nieuwe Zorgen was designed for carrying cargo on the shallow lakes, canals and rivers of Friesland in the North of The Netherlands, thus the low stern and bow. To pass quickly under the many low canal and river bridges, the Skipper had to drop and raise the mast and sails repeatedly, so the mast has a counter weight which allows it to pivot. Probably the most distinctive feature of the boat are the fan-shaped leeboards.

We know that Nieuwe Zorgen was built in 1904, and started out as a freight carrier. Many of…

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