The Shannon Pot – Source of the River Shannon

Fellow blogger <a href=”http://Fiona Heavey mentioned to me that she is originally from the area known as The Shannon Pot. So I have decided to retrace my steps upstream and return to Log na Sionna – the source of the River Shannon.

It was November before I made it back to the Shannon Pot after my previous failed attempt (A False Start This time we stayed in Enniskillen Co. Fermanagh and drove across the border to the foot of the Cuilcagh Mountains in Co. Cavan.

We were expecting rough terrain, so dressed appropriately – hiking boots, waterproofs, layers and hats. We felt pretty silly when we discovered a signpost and a solid path. Not quite the adventure I was hoping for, but I did enjoy a nice sit down on the bench beside the Pot.

Log na Sionna, Cuilcagh Mountains, Co. Cavan

Log na Sionna, Cuilcagh Mountains, Co. Cavan

Although originally considered the source of the river, it is now thought that the water in the Shannon Pot probably comes from several different sources, flowing underground before emerging here. Water tracing experiments have shown that there are several underground streams from the Cuilcagh Mountains that flow into the Shannon Pot. One of these streams disappears underground at Pigeon Pots, over 10km away in Co. Fermanagh. From the Shannon Pot the infant Shannon, which is little more than a stream, flows southwest and is joined by waters of the River Owenmore. The Owenmore or Abbha Mór (big river) as it is called in the Annals of Lough Cé, rises in the Bellavally Hills of the Cuilcagh Mountains, and flows five miles to the west to meet the smaller stream of the infant Shannon. The small but rapid waters of the Black River join the Shannon a little further to the west below Derrynataun and the wide and fast-flowing Shannon continues to the small town of Dowra, its last stop before entering the first of the Shannon Lakes.

Lough Allen (copyright) National Monuments


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