Welcome to Shannonland

Happy New Year world!

I am here to talk to you about my first book – The River Shannon, A Journey Down Ireland’s Longest River. In 2008 my lifelong dream came true when I got a call from a publisher asking me to write a book. I couldn’t believe it, I was sick to my stomach with excitement and fear. I was holding my baby daughter, my first, contemplating my return to work and a part-time MSc. Was it going to be possible? How would I ever find the time? It didn’t take long to make the decision.

There was only one option. How could it be anything but YES! So I embarked on what was to be the hardest, busiest most enjoyable time of my life. I plan to share some of the stories behind the book here and lots of photos, facts and figures about the River Shannon. I would love to hear any stories you might have, so please feel free to get in touch.

The term ‘Shannonland’ is not my own unfortunately. It is the concept of someone who knows the river a lot better than I do, but I loved it so much I pinched it for my book (thanks Donal). By the time I had finished my research I finally knew what it meant, and I hope that by reading my blog, and hopefully my book, you will come to understand it too. Let’s start the journey..

Cover of book 'The River Shannon' by Aiveen Cooper


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